Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Held on:27 April 2021 Tuesday, 10.00am
Registration to participate in the AGM through Webcast
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Questions to ask the board:
  • Due to the current COVID-19 restriction orders in Singapore, shareholders will not be able to attend the AGM physically in person (in Singapore).
  • Shareholders are to complete the details correctly. The personal information provided will be verified against the shareholders list provided by CDP within 72 hours before the AGM. Upon successful verification, an email invitation with a weblink will be sent to the shareholder’s registered email address at about 48 hours before AGM.
  • The online registration service will close 72 hours before the AGM, which is on 24th April 2021 Saturday at 10 am.
  • The webcast will only be opened for access starting 9 am on the day of the AGM on 27th April 2021, one hour before the AGM proceedings commences at 10am.
  • For our personal data protection policy, you may refer to :